It’s time to break out the virtual confetti and celebrate pCloud’s 10th Birthday


On the 13th of September, a decade ago, pCloud burst onto the cloud storage market. What started as a dream of transforming the way we manage our data has now blossomed into the global market. On our 10th birthday, pCloud has become the top choice for online storage and data management.

Celebrating a Decade of pCloud: We have something SPECIAL for you! Bring a friend on board, and BOTH of you get a boosted free quota of up to 20GB – TWICE the usual! Let’s dive into this remarkable journey of innovation, security, and user empowerment!


Our Beginning

Since 2013, pCloud has emerged from Switzerland as a game-changer in online storage and data management. This vision began with just 13 passionate dreamers. Today, we’re a compact team of 58, yet, as CEO Tunio Zafer aptly puts it, “pCloud is a powerhouse of genius minds with vast expertise, offering globally competitive services and features.”

In a world where data is king, pCloud stands as a trusted ally to millions across the globe.


A 10-Year Saga of Transformative Power:

Reaching Across the Globe: With 10 years of trailblazing innovation, unwavering security, and a user-first approach, pCloud has won the trust of 19 million users worldwide and become the secure home for their files.

Innovating Security Beyond Measure: The past decade has been a time of daring innovation and unparalleled security. By using top-tier encryption, pCloud has constructed an unbreakable fortress around your data. Remember the “Hacking Challenge”? It was like a digital duel between pCloud and the world’s best hackers – and guess who won? Your data is like a vault, protected and impenetrable.

Digital Oasis of Privacy: In a world where data breaches make headlines, pCloud remains a guardian of privacy. Throughout the years, not a single breach has sullied its record. Your data remains your secret garden, hidden from prying eyes.

Empowering Users: In 2020, pCloud launched a new EU data region, giving users the power to decide where their data is stored.

Introducing pCloud Pass: In 2022, we introduced pCloud Pass, the ultimate password protector. As online threats evolve, pCloud equips you to outsmart danger.

Unlocking Your Super Security Kit: Think of pCloud’s security tools as your superhero gear – a Data Breach Checker that patrols the digital realm, a Password Strength Checker that crafts unbreakable codes, and a Strong Password Generator that’s like a wizard conjuring spells. With pCloud, your data is invincible.


Breaking Barriers, Setting Trends: Remember when Lifetime plans felt like a dream? pCloud turned them into reality by introducing the first-ever lifetime storage plans.

Venturing Into Tomorrow

As pCloud kicks off its next chapter, the spirit of innovation burns brighter than ever. Tunio Zafer, the CEO, sums it up perfectly: “We’ve blazed new trails, fortified security, and earned users’ trust. Get ready for an exciting journey ahead, as we’re about to bring you a whole lot more.”

Thank YOU for a Great Decade! Exciting times ahead with even more awesome features and improvements.

A Decade of pCloud Celebration: We’ve got a SPECIAL treat! Bring a friend along, and BOTH of you enjoy an upgraded free quota of 20GB – double the usual!