If you rely on the cloud for professional or highly private purposes, you are bound to have yourself concerned with the level of security, providers bring to the market. pCloud Crypto ensures a serious solution to file insecurity by using client-side encryption as a measure to keep data safe. To prove this, we give you 3 reasons why pCloud Crypto is the right feature for you.

Level of protection

pCloud Crypto provides the highest level of file protection in the cloud because of 2 simple reasons:

  • Your files are encrypted on your PC before any transfer operation is initiated

To have a better understanding of the security level you receive with pCloud Crypto, a clarification of the way “client-side encryption“ works is essential. “Client-side” refers to the moment when your files are actually encrypted. In our case, your data is encrypted on your PC , before it goes to any other destination. This means that, upon transfer, your data is already protected preventing the chance of cyber attack.

  • You are the only person aware of the passphrase, which is part of the encryption process.

Upon the activation of pCloud Crypto, you will be required to input a personally chosen passphrase. This is the starting point of the encryption process. With this passphrase being available to you only, the Crypto folder will create a zero-knowledge proof environment and the inability of anyone other than yourself, being able to decrypt your files.

File usability

pCloud Crypto is a separate folder in your pCloud account, making high-end security as easy as placing a file in a folder. You can choose whether you want your whole profile encrypted or only a part of it.

pCloud Crypto is available for desktop and mobile! You can try it out at www.pcloud.com for a 14-day free trial period.