6 million pCloud users | The pCloud Blog

Less than 5 months ago we celebrated an important benchmark: pCloud reached 5 million users around the world.

We knew that it wouldn’t take long before we banked the trust of another million and the time has come: this week, the number of people who own a pCloud account hit 6,000,000.

These 6 million users have selected us to keep and protect close to a billion files – and this is a significant responsibility laying on our shoulders. But we’re here to carry this responsibility whether it is 6 million or 6 billion customers all over the globe who rely on us and our services.

We’ll not lie to you: we’re proud. Heck, we’re EXCEPTIONALLY, UNBELIEVABLY, OUTRAGEOUSLY proud of what pCloud has become in just 3 years of existence.

We know what we do matters.

We know we help so many people save and share their digital lives.

We know we help businesses grow and work better.

We are a part of something big – and so are you, pClouders. This is why we want to extend 6 million thank-yous to each and every one of you. You are important to us. You guide us and tells us what you want to see – and then we listen and adapt. Everything we do, we do for you.

We’re confident that one day we’ll be huge. The one cloud storage service everyone connected to the internet will use. We are working hard to redefine cloud storage, online security, reliability, and professionalism.

There’s still a lot of people we have not reached yet – but we know that one day in the foreseeable future we will. This will happen not only because we will continue to improve our services but also because you will continue sharing the word about pCloud by sharing your download and upload links, by inviting your friends to pCloud, by sharing your feedback.

We wish we could send you 6 million personal, handwritten thank-you notes but we can’t. Instead, we raise our virtual glasses and say:

To you, 6 million users of ours! Let’s keep growing together!