15 PB


Last week we passed yet another milestone!

It’s exiciting to find out that after more than 1 million users have tried pCloud for Android, we can now welcome 8 million pClouders on board.

We’re helping a lot of people all over the world keep their digital memories, business ideas and happy moments in a safe place. Since the start, people have uploaded more than 3 billion files to pCloud. The community is going strong, as we see more and more people bringing friends, family, and co-workers along.

pCloud is still a work in progress. We have so many things we want to accomplish and we are going in a positive direction, thank to your support.

With this in mind, we would like to turn back time and show how much the service has grown since last year and what are the things you enjoyed the most about pCloud:

Seeing the best pCloud ever!

We’re receiving more and more suggestions on how to make pCloud better and we’re already working on a couple of those.

Look forward to the best pCloud you’ve seen, with even better security and more ways to make the work with files easier.

If you’re new to pCloud – welcome aboard! You’ve just made your digital documents, holiday memories and photo galleries more organized. Get started now, access your files from your computer and phone, without taking any space.