We’re always hard at work to provide a fast and secure place, where you can keep your files without worries. And now, we’re happy to have achieved yet another millestone with the latest update to our Android application!

You heard it! Our new update comes as an early Christmas present for all of you, who want an even faster and usable application. pCloud 1.12.00 is entirely redesigned to suit the classy feel you get from Android. What’s more, we have included some optimizations as well:ezgif.com-gif-maker


Send and receive files effortlessly

You can now share your files with just a single tap of the screen. All collaborative options have been brought up front, so that you can instantly send and receive any photo, video or document you want.


Manage your uploads with our new task bar

With the latest version of pCloud, you also get an improved task bar for all your new uploads. You can now easily monitor the files you save either automatically, or manually. There is also an additional section, especially for the data you want to access offline.

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Improved Application Speed and Stability

If before your folder loading and browsing was fast, now you get improved speed whenever you open or browse folders with multiple files.
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Do you like the latest version of pCloud for Android? If you do, you can download it from the Google Play Store.