Since we’re living in the digital era, it’s not hard to find a solution to almost any problem that comes to mind. If you’re new to the cloud and want to choose an application that perfectly fits your needs, there are a 2 things you have to be aware of:

Why are you looking for a cloud storage service in the first place?

While your answers can be highly individual, these 5 features are a must when making your choice:

Intuitive interface – an easy-to-use interface can contribute to a better experience as well as decrease the average time spent for file search and organization. pCloud is developed for easy handling even by the least experienced users. Furthermore, it is now available in 11 top used languages, so you can even have it in your mother tongue for maximum ease of use.

File accessibility – Having your data at the palm of your hand, whenever you need it, is surely convenient in more than one way. That is why it is certainly an advantage to have your service of choice supported by as many platforms as possible. pCloud is now spread on multiple platforms, such as web – supported by all popular browsers; mobile – any Android and iOS devices; and desktop – available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Instant synchronization – Mobile devices and computers often break or get stolen, so users need to make sure their important files are synchronized on as many devices as possible, so even if one is out of service, data is still not lost. By using the pCloud instant synchronization feature your files are synced between the cloud storage platform and your multiple devices and computers, thus guaranteeing full-time availability.

No limitations – If you’re usually working with large files or have to frequently transfer data, it is a good call to search for services that don’t impose limits on the file size or speed, with which you download and upload every day. One of the top advantages of pCloud is the guaranteed lack of speed or file size limitations!

Easy collaboration options – File sharing and collaboration between multiple users in the cloud is not only easier but also far more secure than transferring data through emails or chat platforms. With pCloud, file collaboration options are truly numerous – choose between sharing upload and download links to your files and folders, inviting users to your folders and even downloading files remotely from the internet into your cloud storage!

How secure is your cloud storage service, exactly?

If you often deal with large amounts of sensitive data, you should definitely not entrust it to simply any cloud storage provider. A top piece of advice for choosing a cloud is to examine the security options it provides, if any. At pCloud we offer state-of-the-art security features! Zero-knowledge privacy ensures that even we, as a service provider, will never know the content of the data you store. This is the level of security that pCloud offers!