Do you drink coffee? You probably do, every working person does at some point. Statistics prove this – we spend around 60 dollars a week on our morning cup of joe. And recently enough, we discovered something incredible – it takes only one cup of coffee to encrypt and protect your data.

Don’t believe us? Let us prove you otherwise.

We spend a lot on things we don’t need or use one way or another.Try searching “How much do we spend on things we don’t need” and you will be surprised at the sum that’s going to come out – $1.2 trillion a year. We give this much for lottery tickets, fake hay and more, coffee included.

So how much do we spend on file security? Significantly less – $76.9 billion. With data breaches occurring every other day, we should be thinking more about the true privacy of our files. In this direction, we the idea came to us:

An espresso-based drink costs us $4 a cup, the same price as a Crypto folder for a month. So, provided we do the math right, we can forego a cup a month to receive military-grade protection for our data.

pCloud Crypto uses client-side encryption to protect your most important files on your device – BEFORE they go anywhere else. It’s also really easy to use – all it takes is placing your data in a zero-knowledge privacy folder. And probably the most fascinating thing of all is that it will only cost you a cup of coffee.

Now that you know this, are you willing to ignore your data privacy anymore? Get an additional view on the subject here:

We believe that everybody has the right of digital privacy. The problem is that most people are NOT aware that this is possible. Watch the video and learn how you can protect you most important files from anybody that wants to compromise their security online!