It can be frustrating to work with archived files, such as .zip or .rar, especially if you don’t have an archive utility installed. But when you have to, pCloud has you covered — you can extract archived files right in your browser or your iPhone.

Here are some quick instructions to help you learn how:

Extracting files on

Hover your mouse over the archive and click the gear icon that appears. Select “Extract” and a pop up will appear, asking you where you’d like to uncompress your files. If your archive is password protected, enter it and click the green “Extract” button.

You can also watch this quick video tutorial:

Extracting files on your iPhone

Tap on the archive and press “Unarchive”. The files will get extracted to a new folder with the same location and name as your archive file.

Please note that, unlike, on iOS you can’t choose where to extract your files. They will always get extracted to a folder with the same name and same location as the archive.

Android users, this feature is coming to you soon.