Family memories are what we value the most, and all we want is to save these precious moments for a lifetime. pCloud for Family is the easiest way for your favorite people to use pCloud.    

We already have an enormous number of happy users of pCloud for Family. Also, our community shows great interest in our product as a cloud storage alternative that’s perfect for smaller groups of up to 5 people. For those looking for the easiest way to share storage and Premium features with their household, we will take the wraps off pCloud for Family.  

Multiple accounts. Private space. With pCloud for Family, you can share 2 TB storage and access to Premium features with up to 4 members of your household. Like a stand-alone pCloud Premium account, under the Family plan, each member will use a private profile to store and manage files. You won’t be able to see what family member stores in their Family member account. What’s more, pCloud for Family comes with some helpful extras:  

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Reduced costs

pCloud for Family is the first LIFETIME cloud storage option for families, where you pay for 2 TB Lifetime plan, one-time payment only,  no monthly or annual subscriptions, and can share it with up to 4 members of your household. This means that you can share more, but spend less.

Share storage

As a Family plan owner, you’ll be able to invite family members to join your existing Family plan:

– Go to my.pCloud and open the Family tab (it’s located in the sidebar)
– Enter your family member’s email address
– Assign how much storage you’d like to give them and Send your invite

You can always manage the storage each Family member gets in their account.

Keep your files private

Every account that forms the Family plan is individual. You get to keep your own email address and password, and keep all your photos, videos and documents private.

Crypto for the entire family

One of the great things about pCloud for Family is that if you decide to invest in additional encryption with pCloud Crypto, you get to activate it for the entire Family plan with all members inside.