The second wave of coronavirus has Europe firmly in its grip. In response, national and local Governments are escalating their lockdown measures to try and prevent an even sharper peak than was felt in the spring. For business leaders this means one thing: uncertainty.

In response, we have compiled five top tips for small business owners to maintain productivity in the most unpredictable of times.

#1 Be collaborative.

With offices across the continent subject to ever-changing rules and regulations, making sure that your staff has the tools to collaborate seamlessly regardless of where it is, is a crucial step. Cloud storage and file sharing solutions like pCloud are proving a natural bridge for staff to share important files among themselves – and with clients, as well.

#2 Be secure.

With increasing numbers of employees being forced to work from home, the need to access potentially sensitive files from outside the company network can create critical vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit. In this regard, not all cloud storage providers are created equal. At pCloud, for instance, we place security above all else, working to the strictest level of security, going as far as to offer client-side encryption, where we never see the files stored on our servers.

#3 Maintain productivity.

Remote and hybrid working can make it difficult to judge output from staff. Putting in place systems and processes to keep in contact with staff, sharing knowledge and information as easily as if you were in the same office, will vastly reduce the impact of office closures and keep your business going.

#4 Set permissions.

Having acknowledged that security is a huge concern for businesses working remotely, making sure that certain files are only accessible to those that need it, will keep information confidential.

#5 Make remote working easy.

In the scramble to enable remote working with the organization, businesses can often forget that it is a hugely disruptive period for their staff as well, who might find themselves drowning in new systems and processes put in place to maintain productivity and security. Business owners must prioritize solutions that place huge emphasis on ease of use. Otherwise, complex systems that baffle and bemuse staff will lead to a marked drop in productivity. pCloud, for instance, has been described as ‘simple and easy to use’ by users.

At pCloud, we are proud to have been chosen by an increasing number of businesses across the globe to keep them moving during the Covid-19 pandemic. In fact, over a billion files have been uploaded to pCloud since the lockdown first came in. Our focus on ease of use and security is helping to maintain productivity for businesses during the most testing of times.
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