Whether you’re an entrepreneur, employee, or freelancer, pCloud is a great way to keep track of your work from wherever you are. Here we gathered some of the best ways people use pCloud to make their everyday work easier.

1. Collaborate easier with shared folders

You may be making a new corporate strategy or doing a draft project for a client. Whatever it is that you need to collaborate on, sharing your work-in-progress files makes it much easier to make sure everyone else is involved.

Create a shared folder for each project that demands teamwork and invite your colleagues, clients, or friends to sync your work.

2. Send or receive large files with pCloud transfer

Need to transfer a video or some other big file to multiple people as quickly as possible? Go to pCloud Transfer and send items up to 5GB to as many as 10 users for free, even if you’re not registered for pCloud. For extra security, you can encrypt your file with a password to make sure it only reaches the people who have it.

3. Have others upload files to your pCloud

Say you need someone to upload one or multiple files directly to your pCloud account. Generate a unique Upload link and send it to them on Facebook, through email, or text message. Now they can upload whatever it is that you need, even if they don’t have a pCloud account.

4. Backup your files from Dropbox

If you love pCloud, but you’re still required to use Dropbox at work, there’s a solution to that. You can easily sync your files between the two services. Just open pCloud from your web browser, hit the “Backups” menu on the sidebar to the left, and click “Start” to begin backing up your files.

You have a tip for using pCloud at work, but you don’t see it mentioned here? Share it with other pClouders in the comments section below!