Has this ever happened to you:

You buy an Android phone because you know it’s fast, but after a couple of months it starts slowing down? Chances are, you are like the other 82.2% of users out there, who have the same problem. It’s okay, guys. Technology is bound to slow down one way or another. You can still bring your smartphone back to life, however, with this simple trick.

So, in reality, why is your smartphone slowing down? Here are some possible reasons:

Your Operating System is too much for your phone

Here’s the thing: phone producers want to stay at the top of their game. That is why they build their devices around the latest version of the OS. Since you probably don’t buy smartphones every month, you are bound to experience a couple of updates along the way that aren’t as optimized for your hardware and come with tons of preinstalled bloatware apps. The result: your phone will perform slower than usual.

You have too many apps running in the background

Android’s awesome. It allows you to multitask! However, this can take a toll on your phone as most apps continue to run in the background after you close them. Having a lot of widgets on your home screen, along with animated wallpapers and apps in the background can seriously slow down your phone.

Your phone is full

Well, don’t expect to have lightning speed when 90% of your storage is packed with photos, videos and music. The more digital content you collect on your device, the more likely it is to slow down.

Tip: If you’re not sure how much free space you have left, you can go to Settings>Storage and find out.

Great…how can I speed up my device then?

Here’s what you’ll usually see as solutions:

  • You can uninstall all of the apps you don’t use and regularly check for those running in the background
  • Find a good phone boosting app
  • Factory reset your phone as a last resort
  • Root your device and get rid of all of the bloatware apps

However, most of them either don’t have a permanent effect or include you losing valuable information and that can come as a problem, itself.

So have you ever considered using cloud storage to boost the speed of your phone?

Exactly as we said it, guys. In the beginning of this blog post, we mentioned that your Android device can slow down because it’s packed with too much files. Cloud storage can fix that. Backing up your important photos, videos, music, etc. will free up more space from your phone, and the more space you have, the faster your device will be performing. What’s best about this is that it’s a permanent solution and you won’t be losing any of your data. All of your digital media will be still fully available.

pCloud’s mobile app for Android and iOS can help you fix the speed of your phone by storing any document, photo, video, etc . you want. It is a perfect solution if you’re looking for a safe place to access, use and share your digital life, at full privacy. You can find it at the app store or head over to https://www.pcloud.com.