Sharing digital data has never been easier! Grab your file or media collections and share them in just one click! Easily collaborate with your friends and colleagues and let them view, edit and download any files you want. You can do that directly through any device you possess!

To share files through your iOS device, select those by tapping the Select button at the bottom right part of your mobile app and choose as many files as you like.

1_List of files

To select multiple files, simply place check marks in front of them. When you are done with your selection, locate the Share button on the bottom left of your iOS screen.

2_Share button

When you tap it you get the option to share a download link. At this point you get the options to share your files through a message, email, or via Twitter or Facebook. You can also simply copy a link and provide it to your collaborators via any other means you like.

Also, you can share an entire folder or folders by following the aforementioned selection steps. When you select your folder, click the Share button at the bottom left and you will get three options. Those are: Invite to Folder, Share Upload Link and Share Download Link.

3_Share folder

If you click the Invite to Folder option, you will have to select the rights you give the people you share this folder with. By default the selection is Read, but you can also give them the right to Modify, Create or Delete your shared folders and files. You can also optionally add a message, specifying information about the content you are sending.

4_Select properties

After you make your selection, click Invite and your share will be sent. If you click the Share Upload Link or Share Download Link option, you will again have the opportunity to share the latter through email, message, Twitter or Facebook, or simply copy a link and provide it to your friends and colleagues in any other way.

The Share Upload Link is a unique one for pCloud. Using it you can give your friends and colleagues the right to upload files directly to your pCloud account. Isn’t it great? No need for large email attachments anymore. Sharing big collections of photos or other files is just one click away.

At any time you can change the rights you have provided for your shares or add new shares by going to the main menu of My pCloud and choosing the My Shares section.

As you see, sharing via the iOS version of pCloud is very simple and intuitive. The pCloud web platform is also really easy to use, and as a bonus, it gives you a number of additional features! It offers an end-to-end solution for online data storage, backed by a robust information protection system.

pCloud stores and protects all of your files and makes them available for you, wherever you go, on any device you possess, any time you need them.

Besides, our desktop application, pCloud Drive, creates a secure virtual drive on your computer, which you can use to easily store, synchronize and access your files in the cloud. pCloud Drive provides a number of additional functionalities, such as integrated file sharing and synchronization through your computer, and it significantly eases your work upon performing file backup to the cloud.