Hey, pClouders, you remember our exclusive desktop application pCloud Drive, right? You can use it to turn your cloud space into a virtual drive and work on your files without taking your PC’s storage. But did you know that with pCloud Drive you can save your game progress and play from different computers flawlessly?

That’s right! A fellow pClouder decided to share her awesome use of pCloud Drive for her gaming experience. And since we would like to keep it real, here’s the word from Luna herself:

“I use pCloud Drive for games by connecting the save game folder of the same game on two different computers to pCloud. By doing this the saved progress is always syncronized when there is any change. When you pick on the other computer after playing a game, you can start it there and it will be where you left it!”

We would also like to, once again, thank Luna for sharing her awesome story with us. We’re always happy to receive such great feedback. You can follow Luna’s advice and try pCloud Drive for Windows, Mac OS and Linux!

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