Import your Gmail Contacts and share easily with just a few clicks

Do you use Gmail as your email provider? Statistics show that 1 billion people around the world had a Gmail account in February 2016 so there’s a good chance you are one of them. The email app is really convenient and once you start using it, it’s hard to switch to another one. Because of this, at some point you’re going to have accumulated a pretty good contact list that you use for everything. Using this contact list is pretty neat from your email, but what about external apps? Hm…

Well, we have made it easy for your to share your ideas, projects or memories with all your Gmail friends, family and coworkers straight from pCloud.

Let’s say you have been on vacation with a group of people and want to share the pictures from your trip with the entire gang. My.pCloud, the web version of pCloud, has this little tweak called Gmail Import. You can import your Gmail contacts to your pCloud, then use the sharing window as if it is the address bar of your email client. Once you start typing a letter, you will see all the matching results from your email contact list. Explained simply, the feature acts as a shortcut to your Gmail contacts. Neat, isn’t it?

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Go to my.pCloud and choose the file/folder you want to share. We are going to share some photos.

Step 1: Open and choose a File/Folder you want to share.
*Click to enlarge.


Step 2: A pop-up sharing window will appear. Locate the Gmail import button and enable it.


Step 3: pCloud will ask Gmail for permission to use import your contacts. Confirm and you’re ready!


The only thing that’s left to do now is to start typing your recipient’s email adress. Once your list of Gmail contacts is imported, you’ll get an autofilled suggestion, like this one.


Gmail imports don’t work only when you want to invite someone to a folder. You can use it when you share a Download or Upload link to save yourself time in finding the right email address.

What’s more, it’s easy to enable. If you haven’t used your Gmail Import yet, you can always do so from Enjoy easier sharing!

How to import your Gmail contact list to pCloud for easy sharing.