Keeping files, folders and pictures organized is a daunting task. Many of us end up wasting our time searching through our computer database to find the documents we need for work, the pictures we want to look at or the music that we want to listen to. Even worse, sometimes these things never appear.

With the springclean marathon in full action, now is the perfect time to say goodbye to the never ending file chaos. That’s why we’re here today with some pro tips we’ve learned over the years to help ensure everything is in its place.

Choose the right folder arrangement for your cloud

Think about your cloud storage account as a collection of neatly organized filing cabinets (in reality-folders). Many people find that organizing files by year is an intuitive place to start, but others find that separating their cloud into folders like “Work life,” “Personal life” and “Writing life” is more helpful. This part of your organization is best left up to you depending on your personal needs.

Create a template for your folder structure

Consistency is key, so create subfolders within each folder to use as a template for other organized folders. This way, you can paste the entire folder structure into new folders instead of having to create a whole new set every time you need to create a new set of subfolders.

Use descriptive folder names

The more folders you create with descriptive names, the easier it will be to find the content you are looking for later. Most importantly, try to avoid duplicate file names. Change them to something unique and more memorable instead.

Take time to organize as you go

Many of us get in the habit of putting organization off until later. But if you spend the time to file your documents in the correct folders as you go, you end up saving heaps of time in the long run.

Do you have any special organization techniques for cloud storage organization? Share them with us in the comment section!