Remember the last time you had to delete files, because you ran out of space on your hard drive? Or when you needed more storage, but new hardware was out of the question? With one of our greatest updates so far, we’ve got you covered.

Meet pCloud Drive  our new desktop app for Windows, Mac and Linux. This new app is like a local drive that lets you backup and use your files in the cloud directly through your computer. The only difference is that it does not take any physical space on your PC. With pCloud Drive you can stream HD videos, listen to audio in lossless formats, or edit large files. No more worries about the amount of free space, left on your system.

“Using pCloud Drive is just like having an additional hard drive installed on your computer, but without connecting any wires.” FindMySoft

Other cloud storage apps backup anything that you store inside a sync folder on your computer. When you run out of hard drive space, you can’t store any other files  even if you have hundreds of gigabytes left on your cloud.

Instead of creating a local sync folder like other apps do, pCloud Drive creates a virtual drive that shows up as a new partition in Windows Explorer or an additional device in Mac’s Finder. You use it the same way you use your computer’s HDD.