We have some big news for you pClouders! Prepare to reshape the way you discover and display your ideas

Tools should make it easier for us to develop our ideas into a final product and showcase them to others in a snap. Having the right tools is sometimes all we need to get content out there. That got us working on a feature that would give every user the freedom to showcase different types of content as easily as possible. Today, we present the Public Folder and the Direct links at pCloud!

The Public Folder might be familiar to some of you already, who’ve used Dropbox before. We took this idea and sprinkled it with some extra tweaks, leading to what most would think of as a great Dropbox public folder alternative.


Simply said, the Public Folder is a special green folder in the file structure of your pCloud account. Once you move some files there, you can do all sorts of awesome things with them, namely, create Direct links.

Enable your Public Folder

How does the Public Folder work?

The Public Folder allows you to use your pCloud host and display static HTML websites, embed images or simply create Direct links to your files. Every photo, video or other file you add in the Public Folder will have its own Direct link.

Host and display HTML content



You can use the Public Folder to create a Direct link to your portfolio, preview of your static website or more, without running a file server on your PC. You just need to put your HTML-formatted text files along with any linked graphics to the Public Folder.

From there on, it takes only clicking ‘Share’ and ‘Get Link’ on the main directory, where your site’s resources are. Open the link and there you have it – your very own website, hosted in pCloud!


Embed images


It’s one easy way to show great photos in your next blog post, add visual resources to your code, or simply add an email signature that you just created. Move your image to the Public Folder, click ‘Share’ and then ‘Get Link’. An embed code for the image will be shown.

Share Direct links


Direct links let you share files the way you want – directly with others. Sharing and most You can get a direct link to any file in the Public Folder by selecting ‘Share’>’Get Link’. Upon clicking a direct link to a file, your browser will download it or preview it, depending on the file type.


We truly believe that the Public Folder reshapes the way to put your work out there. Now, it’s your turn to try it out and see its magic.

Try the Public Folder