St. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and if you’re out of ideas or you have already missed all shipping deadlines, we have your back. In the holiday spirit, we have prepared 4 simple gift ideas for him and her, you can use to tell your tech-savvy signifficant other that you care.

1. Surprise your SO with a domain name


It’s unconventional, personal and practical. Choosing a custom domain name for your partner is a sweet way to express your love in a different and useful way. It can empower them to start that blog they were always considering, help them build their own career portfolio or be an excuse to create a cute photo album to comemorate the day.

If you’re struggling with choosing the right name for the domain, check out your lover’s social presence. Their Facebook posts, Instagram username or twitter handle can give you an idea what to take.

2. Gift an online subscription


Who doesn’t like indulging in entertainment, whether it’s using your music streaming app, watching the latest episode of that new TV series or finishing the book you started just yesterday. Gifting an annual subscription for a service that your SO loves is a sure way to put a smile on their face. What’s more, it doesn’t take more than 5 minutes to buy.

In fact, if your partner has a lot of photos, videos and music they store on their phones or PCs, you can get them 2TB of cloud storage space from pCloud. You’ll also get 2 TB yourself in return, all at the price of one Premium subscription.

Buy 1, Get 2 Accounts

3. Buy a nice e-book


Getting somebody a book is overall a wonderful present and gifting an e-book makes it all the more convenient. Just make sure not to get overly romantic and purchase a novel your partner wouldn’t truly enjoy for a romantic book. Think of what kind of genre interests your partner the most and go ahead.

4. Get an App from the app store


Not exactly the most romantic gift out there, but hey — you can do it in the last minute and you can still receive brownie points in front of your tech-savvy lover. The app store has all sorts of offers and depending on what your partner prefers, you can get a great photo editing app, a great fitness tracker, a cool game and more.


In case you are not into St. Valentines Day at all, you can do like the Bulgarians and celebrate National Wine Day with a good glass of Cabernet sauvignon.