If you are a Bitcasa user, you have probably received notice that Bitcasa Drive is being discontinued on May 20, 2016. You need to move your files by that date, or they’ll be permanently deleted and you’ll lose your important data.

We know that such news may sound a bit scary, especially if you keep a large number of files in Bitcasa Drive but as usual, the pCloud team comes to the rescue.

We have shot a short video to show you how you can move your files from Bitcasa to your pCloud account with just a few clicks – and because we don’t have any restrictions on the speed with which you upload files to pCloud, it will only take a few minutes. It really is that quick and simple:

Don’t have a pCloud account yet? Don’t waste any more time and sign up now.

Are you looking to move your files from Dropbox instead? Read our handy step-by-step guide here: Sync your Dropbox with pCloud in 5 easy steps.