Hey pClouders,

If you love music just as much as we do, then you’ll love pCloud’s features to create, manage, and listen to playlists. That’s why we’re posting this quick tutorial to help you learn how:

Open pCloud with your web browser and go to “Audio” on the sidebar to the left. From here on, there’s two ways to create a playlist.

Step 1: From the “Songs” tab, select some or all of the songs that you want to include

Step 2: Then, as the options menu shows up, click “Add to Playlist” (don’t worry, you can add more songs to your playlist later)

Step 3: A pop up will appear, asking you to choose an existing playlist to add your songs to or create a new playlist

You’re done! You can now enjoy your fine music selection everywhere you go, because pCloud will sync the playlist on all your devices.

Feel like sharing your music with family and friends? While using pCloud, hit the playlist that you want to give out and choose the “Share” dialogue to create a link and send it on Facebook, Messenger, or Gmail.

To manage your existing playlists, hit the “Playlists” tab. Select one to play, rename, or delete it. You can also see how many songs each playlist contains, when you last modified it, and when you created it in the first place.

Learn how to create playlists via pCloud app for Android or pCloud app for iOS