We are very happy to announce a NEW option for the links you share from pCloud!

Preview-only Links!


Here’s a little bit of context. As you know cloud storage gives the amazing ability to share all kinds of files, easily. Your vacation or wedding photo albums, your business contracts or in most cases a preview of work you have done for a client. It’s not a secret that pCloud is used by A LOT of creators like designers, photographers, music producers, video editors, etc.

In most cases when these creators collaborate with others like them or clients, there is a lot back and forth until what they work on is fully ready.

A lot of the creators requested from us the option to restrict downloading, copying and printing files that are shared with a link. We listened. You can now protect your work until it’s fully ready or paid for, because you can share links that only allow previewing the files.

Preview-only links allow people with access to the link to only view but NOT download.

Here is how it works:

  1. Hover over a file or folder and click on the “Share” button

  2. Click the the “Download” setting (second one from the top)

  3. Select “Preview Only”

  4. Click “Save”. Copy link and send it to whoever needs it

Who is this for?

As we said this is perfect for creators, who collaborate with clients who just need to check on some changes or preview the final product before they pay for it.

Is this Free?

Yes, this feature is free for every pCloud user!

Just login to your account and try it out!

We have some additional features that you can use for the Share link like “Password Protection” and “Expiration date” if you want to be 100% sure that only people that you want can preview the link.

They are available to all of our Premium users.

To become a premium user and get up to 2 TB of storage click here!