We are excited to announce the newest update of our app for Android users. This updated automatic upload makes it even easier to upload all your memories and keep them safe. Now, you can backup any media folder in your device, picture, or video that you want. The new update is available on Google Play Store. We know how important it is to have a secure place for your valuable photos and videos, so we created this update with your needs in mind!

We know how big an impact photos have on people’s lives, so we introduce this update in order to make sure your memories are always safe and secure. What you can expect from the updated feature: 

  • Choose what media folder from your device to back up/including Whatsapp, Viber, etc./ 
  • Exclude the photos and videos you don’t need to back up
  • Get notified when a new media folder is available for backup
  • It’s even easier to keep the photos and videos that matter, safe in the cloud
  • Free up space from your device after your Automatic Upload’s complete

How to enable automatic upload of your memories in pCloud mobile app:

  1. Open the app
  2. Go to the Settings and tap Automatic Upload
  3. Toggle the option ON and customize your upload (optional)

We know the importance of choice. Therefore, you can personalize the automatic upload by choosing the data you want to backup automatically – any media folder in your device, videos, pictures, or both. 

  1. Open the Settings of the app
  2. Tap on Automatic upload > Settings

It’s all up to you to decide – would you like to have all of your images and videos uploaded or only-newly shot?

In a world where we all love to take photos, videos and have thousands on our smartphones, storage space is always an issue. Free up your mobile and get enough space to create new memories. 

Free Up Space Feature:

Once the Automatic Upload is complete, you can turn on the scan in order to delete all the media files, that are already uploaded in pCloud. 

Step-by-step How to free up your device: 

  1. Open the Settings of the app
  2. Tap on Automatic Upload and select Free up device storage
  3. The app will scan your Gallery and help you free up device space

pCloud will allow you to directly share images through the cloud with your friends and family, via social media, e-mail, or shared a link. Start backing up and sharing your most valuable memories now.