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In 2016, Linux held a global market share of approximately 1.5% – not too big a number, especially compared to the dominance of various Windows operating systems, followed modestly by macOS.

This figure is somewhat expected – after all, using Linux requires a steeper learning curve for the user paired with a higher level of technical savvy. It is also safe to conclude that the low-ish number of people who would rather use Linux is a good enough reason for many software providers not to develop designated apps for Linux and Ubuntu.

Not us. We do understand that Linux users can take advantage of a desktop cloud storage app, and this is why we created one.

pCloud Drive for Linux in a nutshell

If you have used pCloud Drive for Windows or macOS, you won’t be surprised by the look and feel of the app for Linux. The functionality is almost identical with some minor differences due to the peculiarities of Linux as an OS.

pCloud Drive for Linux | The pCloud Blog

True to our concept of extending your hard drive instead of taking up space on it, the pCloud Drive app for Linux is a true cloud and will not store your files on your local machine’s HDD.

“I like the fact that it can be added as a drive and it is not taking up space on another drive/partition. It’s nice to use it when you are running Linux from a micro SD card/USB stick of 32 GB,” says Sorin Ştirbu, a System administrator and a long-time pCloud user.

Again, there is no limit on the size of the files you upload or download, and you can rely on the same super-high download and upload speed (keep in mind that this depends on the speed of your internet connection, though).

pCloud Drive for Linux | The pCloud Blog

Sharing through the app is quite easy, and you can also take advantage of our selective sync feature (i.e. syncing a file or folder for offline access).

As soon as you add a file to the pCloud Drive app, you can immediately access it from our web version or from the mobile pCloud app you’re using.

Why should you use pCloud Drive for Linux

Why shouldn’t you, really? It lets you sync your photos, videos, music or any documents across the different devices that you use. You always have any file you need, even if you’re using more than one computer, a mobile phone and/or tablet.

pCloud Drive for Linux | The pCloud Blog

A lot of our clients share that they also like to use our platform for backing up important data – and if you’re using our Premium or Premium Plus plans, there’s a lot of data you can back up.

Sharing files and inviting friends, family or business partners to add files into shared folders makes collaboration easier, and the fact that your can exchange even very, very large files gives the app an edge over other cloud storage platforms where there are such limits.

pCloud Drive for Linux | The pCloud Blog

What our users have to say

Instead of just bragging about the app and feeling good about ourselves, we decided to ask our users what they think about the possibility to use pCloud Drive under Linux/Ubuntu. Here is what they had to say.

“I appreciate very much the fact, that pCloud has good and supported Linux client. For me that was one of main reasons for choosing this cloud storage.
“I think that the separate pCloud drive that can be mounted or dismounted and doesn’t take space on my computer is very big advantage for pCloud over other cloud storages. Drive is very convenient and easy to use for new users. Ability to sync any folder is also very, very nice.”

Danail Traychev, Computer programmer & educator

“I like that there is a Linux client with a GUI that doesn’t take much memory. I also like that it has similar interface with the Windows app so people who use both don’t get confused.
“While it is compiled and packaged for Ubuntu, it also works on Arch Linux without any visible issues.”

– Giorgos Sofianos, Software engineer

pCloud Drive for Linux is available as 32bit, 64bit and is compatible with 32bit and 64 bit Ubuntu. You can also get it as a console client. The app is free and you can download it here:

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