pCloud for iOS Automatic Upload

Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.

– Dr. Seuss

Precious moments are meant to be appreciated but we often let them pass by while trying to capture them on camera – ironic, isn’t it? Fortunately, there is a solution and it’s called Automatic Upload – now better and easier to use than ever on an iPhone. Just snap a picture or a video, and we will take care of the rest while you live your life to the fullest.

This latest upgrade of the pCloud app for iOS is designed in a way that lets our five million users have more control over what and how they upload their memories to the cloud.

Automatic Upload has been one of our favorite features for as long as we can remember. This nifty little tweak allows you to automatically copy all of the photos and videos you have on your phone to pCloud. Of course, once saved in pCloud, you can immediately access and share them from your personal laptop, or your office PC for example.

Let’s take a look at what we have  improved.

Choose what content you want to save

We all use our camera roll differently. Some of us like to take a lot of photos, while others are more committed to shooting awesome videos. The Automatic Upload functionality of our iOS app now lets you select whether you want to upload images, videos or both. This way you can optimize the storage on your iPhone, as well as the storage that you have available in your pCloud account.

New or vintage? It’s your pick

If you haven’t turned on Automatic Upload from day 1, you most probably already have some photos and videos on your phone, or  perhaps you have already added some of your creations to your pCloud account so you don’t need to automatically upload everything from the beginning of time? Select whether you want to upload all of your photos/videos, or just the newly created ones.

We help you in the background as well

In case you have a lot of memories you want to copy, pCloud can work extra hard and start auto uploading your content in a background mode when your location changes.

See it in action

Here’s a quick preview on how the new Automatic Upload works:

So there you have it! The new Automatic Upload comes in pCloud 1.19.0 so make sure you have the latest version of the app on your iPhone.  We’re soon rolling the update for Android users as well. Stay tuned for more pCloud updates.