We are excited to share that the struggle is over. You can now send large files via email. Meet pCloud for Thunderbird.

Email was never designed to cope with large attachments. In fact, you can be sure that most email servers wouldn’t allow you to send something over 25 MB.

Then how can you send large files over email? The elegant way.

We brought Download links to Thunderbird, so that it’s even easier to attach large photo galleries, projects or group assignments to your emails. pCloud for Thunderbird is a simple extension for your inbox. It allows you to turn any of the files you attach in your email into Download links. It also gives you and your recipients a quick way to preview attached content. What’s more – your no longer have to worry about attachment limits, because Download links don’t have them.

The only thing you need to do is connect your pCloud account. The next time you drag & drop a file to your email, it will convert in to a Download links.

Download pCloud for Thunderbird


To add pCloud for Thunderbird, follow these simple steps:

1) Download and install pCloud for Filelink and restart Thunderbird

2) Go to Thunderbird’s Menu bar and choose Options > Attachments > Outgoing

3)  Add pCloud from the dropdown menu

4)  Connect your pCloud account and you’re done!

You can do a lot more when all of your files are in your pocket. Try pCloud today and start with 10 GB for free.