When we outline pCloud’s unique vibe, we oftentimes mention this feature, called Upload link. For those of you, who are still acquainting themselves with the service, it’s basically an easy way for your friends and colleagues to upload files directly to your profile.

Note here, we’re not going to waste your time explaining how it works. You can find all the information you need on our commercial website. Our challenge today is to show and persuade you in less than 5 minutes, why you should put that Upload link button to use!

However you see it, using this feature is more convenient!

1) Use it for work! – Sorting out all these emails with monthly reports is a seriously annoying work. You’ll save yourself enough time and nerves, if you just share an upload link and let your colleagues upload their reports directly to your account.

2) Use it for friends! – We all have those Friday nights we want to remember, but can’t with that massive hangover standing in the way. Instead of spending the morning trying to gather all the pictures and videos by yourself, use Upload link. Let your friends upload the photos to ypur account with just a few click. When they are ready generate a Download link and share it with them.

3) Use it for family! – Gathering the pictures from this summer family reunion can be nerve wreaking. You can spare time and energy if you just give your relatives a generated upload link and let them do the work by themselves.

We can give as many examples of how Upload link can be used, but this article is not about us, it’s about you. With this feature, we want to make a statement. You’re free to use Upload link in any way you like, saving yourself operational time and effort.

Tell us how you use the Upload link!

pCloud Team