RAW files preview now supported in pCloud | The pCloud Blog

If you’re a professional or semi-pro photographer and like to shoot in RAW format, you’ll be happy to learn that pCloud now supports RAW files preview.

What is a RAW image format

RAW is a file format that captures all the image data recorded by the sensor when you take a photo. Such files are ideal for images that need to undergo some editing as they preserve as much information as possible. This means that once you start working on the photo with some image-editing software like Adobe Lightroom for example, it’s much easier to take your picture from “Meh…” to “Wow!”.

The benefit of shooting in RAW, especially when you a professional photographer and your income depends on the pictures you take, is that it decreases the chances of screwing up – especially if you’re shooting an event, for example, and you don’t have the option to retake a photo. Things like under- or overexposure, white balance, image noise, etc. can be easily tweaked and fixed on a RAW file, and not so much on a JPEG.

The thing is, when you have a file with so much information in it, you can safely assume it’s gonna be large. RAW images are much, much bigger than JPEGs.

Keep and preview your RAW files in pCloud

We know that a lot of photographers use pCloud to keep the pictures they take and then send them to their clients by simply sending them a download link. In fact, pCloud is an excellent solution not only for pros but also for amateur shutterbugs who like to snap a lot of photos and edit them later on.

This is why we introduced the possibility to preview the files in the web and mobile versions of pCloud.

Let’s look at an example. Say you’re a professional photographer and you’ve just finished a photoshoot. You have edited the RAW images and you’ve imported them to a more popular format like JPG or PNG. Then you share the images with the client but they get back to you and ask if you can edit a certain picture so it’s in black and white.

If you have added the RAW files to your pCloud account, you can simply open the folder through my.pcloud.com or our mobile apps and swipe until you easily find the one you need. Then open the picture you need to work on, edit it and send it to the client in no time. Nifty!

What RAW files can be previewed in pCloud?

The simple answer is: all of them. If you’ve shot with different cameras, you probably know that every brand has their own type of RAW files – Nikon uses .NEF, Canon – .CR2 and so on. Whatever camera you use, though, you can be sure that your RAW files can and will be previewed in pCloud.