Hello pClouders,

We are happy to announce that all the work we did on the pCloud Android application for the last two months has finally payed off. You can update or download the new version from Google Play store for free.

If you are new to our service, why not give us a try? Creating an account is really easy – just tap on “Create new account” from the starting screen and follow the instructions. Upon registration, you will receive 10GB of free storage, with the option of gaining an additional of 10GB of space with a few easy steps.
If you already are a pCloud user there is a delightful surprise for you, when you update. pCloud now has a completely new look that is way more responsive and user friendly.
We’ve worked hard to make pCloud consistent with the new Android Holo guidelines. We’ve optimized the design to the max. You will see a lot of changes that will make using pCloud much easier and intuitive than before. Operating the app will come naturally to all Android users.
We’ve also made a small change in the activity menu. It is now located at the bottom of the left menu.