Dear pClouders,

We have great news for you! Especially for those of you, who use Dropbox and need to move or backup some data from it to pCloud. As you know, pCloud provides the service of backing up your social media content. Now we offer the same backup service for Dropbox. Simply go to the Backups section of your pCloud web account and open it. You will see the following list:

Besides the familiar Facebook, Instagram and Picasa backups, you will now see an option for Dropbox backup. Using this new cool feature you can backup all of your Dropbox content to your pCloud. All you need to do is link your Dropbox account to your pCloud account. To do so, first open the Backups section of your pCloud, then go to the Dropbox feature and click the Start option at the Dropbox line. You will get the following screen, asking you to connect your account.

2_Allow access

If you intend to use this functionality, click on the Allow option to the right. When you do that, you will get the following settings screen, where you need to set the backup you are about to perform, in other words, set whether you will backup all the content of your Dropbox account, or you will manually select the folders to backup.

3_Set backup

Regardless of your selection, you can click the Start Now button and start your backup. Then, you will be presented with the following screen, where you can see the progress of your data backup. You have the opportunity to stop and resume your backup whenever you like.

4_Backup running

When the backup is already performed, the status index will change to “Finished”. If you continue using Dropbox to store other files, you can now and then perform the Dropbox backup to pCloud, just to make sure your valuable digital belongings are safe and protected.

To view your media backup linking status, click on the Backup Account Settings below the networks list. Using this page you can link or unlink your media platforms to/from your pCloud account and this way be in charge of your media backup.

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pCloud team