pCloud Crypto Hacking Challenge

Calling all hackers: we’ve got a challenge for you! Beat us at our own game and we will give you $20 000.

It was the beginning of the year that we announced one of our biggest updates yet – pCloud Crypto. This new addition to the family made it possible for users to secure their most private files without losing usability. Now, we’re ready to take the next step.

Prove you are the next big thing by breaking our file encryption system!

It’s not going to be easy! We’re one tough nut to crack.

We know we have done a great job with our file encryption system; Mnemonic does too. According to their report on pCloud Crypto, our feature is one great addition to data security measures worldwide. You can never underestimate the power of client-side encryption.

Can you beat our security?

We’re willing to give you $20 000, if you do. We’re always looking for a way to improve our service, so if you think you’ve got what it takes – we’re willing to take you on!

The rules are simple:

Within the next 3 months starting from today, we will give you access to a pCloud Challenge account with an encrypted folder. Here’s where you come in: you will have to hack this folder and decrypt all of the data inside. If you succeed, send it back to us at cryptochallenge@pcloud.com in a decrypted state along with a detailed explanation of your hacking approach. Our team of professionals will review it and if you’re approved, you will get 20K from us for a job well done!

We going full in with this, guys: We are using pCloud’s real, live platform for this challenge!

Don’t worry, thought, all of YOUR files will stay 100% confidential, 24/7.

pCloud Crypto is a service, dedicated to providing ultimate file security to users worldwide. By participating in our challenge you help us build even better and more reliable system, and we truly appreciate that!

You can learn more about pCloud Crypto in its full tech glory at: https://www.pcloud.com/features/crypto.html

Ready to show us what you’re made of? Join in our pCloud Crypto Challenge now!