This Valentine’s Day, try something new and give your girlfriend/boyfriend a pCloud account with 2 TB of cloud storage.

Valentine’s Day is upon us, and we’re guessing that anyone in a relationship is probably freaking out over what gift they should buy for their significant other.

We get it – picking the perfect gift is a tough job and many of us give up in despair, buying chocolates, flowers and cheesy teddy bears. No more! This year you can try something new and give your girlfriend/boyfriend a pCloud account with 2 TB of cloud storage and get two more terabytes for yourself? What better present for the both of you!

Valentine's Day Promotion | The pCloud Blog

Buy one pCloud account, get another one for free

For a limited time, we are giving two pCloud Premium Plus accounts for the price of one. If you take advantage of this promotional offer, you’ll only pay $95.88 for the two accounts – and you’ll be saving almost a hundred dollars.

Let’s be honest – $95.88 for 4 TB (two separate 2 TB accounts) of storage space is probably the best price you’ll find on the market. Plus, you’ll make someone you love very, very happy.

How does it work

As usual, we’ve designed this promotion to be as easy and straightforward as possible. All you need to do is purchase an annual Premium Plus subscription plan from our website:

Get Premium Plus

We will then confirm the purchase by email. In the email message you receive, there will be an activation link for the second account. Give this link to the person you want to gift with a 2 TB cloud storage account (just copy and paste it in an email, IM, text message, etc.).

Once the recipient registers through that link, their pCloud account will be activated for the next 12 months.

Valentine’s Day Promotion FAQ

Can I combine the two accounts into one?
No. The two accounts should be registered to two separate email addresses.

I am a Premium plan (500 GB) user. Can I take advantage of this promotion?
No. The promotion is valid for new and Free plan users only.

Can I take advantage of the promotion if I pay month to month?
We’re afraid not. You are only eligible for this offer if you purchase an annual subscription for a 2 TB plan.

What happens to the second account after 12 months?
The second promotional account will only be valid for 12 months. After that, the account holder would need to start paying the plan subscription fee. Of course, they can also choose to have their account downgraded to a free plan.

Is this gift going to make my bae incredibly happy?
Well yes, yes indeed! Who wouldn’t be super happy to get all the storage they need for their awesome photos, cute videos, favorite music and more?

Ready to give the gift of cloud and benefit from this great promo? Do it here:

Buy 1, Get 2 Accounts