Hello everyone!

We’ve got some pretty good news for all fans of WordPress.

Let’s say that you might want to back up your WordPress website with all files and media. But you don’t know if that’s possible. Our great devs have prepared a Christmas gift for all WordPress fans. A gift that can’t be unwanted.

Let us introduce you to the WordPress Backup to pCloud  plugin!

The WordPress Backup to pCloud plugin is a cool and user friendly plugin that will back up all your WordPress files and media in a snap.

It’s been created to backup your blog and its data, regularly. You can even choose a day, the time and how often you wish your WordPress website to be backed up to your pCloud!

Once installed on WordPress, the authorization is a one step process:

*When you first access the plugin’s options page, it will ask you to authorize the plugin with pCloud. Type your email and password and press the button.