Digitizing has changed almost everything about our way of life. Remember the audio cassettes and their link to the pencil? And the stacks of CDs piling up in your house?
Today buying a physical copy of our favorite album is a habit mostly for collectors and real fаns. Today, we have our music stored in our mobile phones, tablets and computers.
But a new way to enjoy your music is available!

The pCloud mobile and web apps are now able to play music directly from the cloud.
This gives you the chance to store and organize your music collection safely in the cloud and play it literally everywhere you go – at the gym, on a walk, on vacation, on your way to work.
You can also mark some of your audio files as Favorite and listen to them even when you go off the grid and disconnect from the Internet!
Even better – now the Android and Web applications support playing of FLAC files (iOS still to come).

Keep your music with the best possible quality, safe and close to you.