Isn’t it incredible? Technology has revolutionized the way we live, learn, and work. It has literally reshaped the face of our planet to create an entirely new era.

Worldwide there are 4.72 billion internet user

92.8% of the people are browsing through a mobile device

The average person spends 6 hours and 56 minutes per day on the Internet

Hackers attack every 39 seconds

70 million phones are lost or stolen every year

Cybercrime costs $3.5 billion for US businesses in 2019


Data is the world’s most valuable resource today!
Make sure that yours is kept in a safe place

There are more than 1.86 billion websites online.
26 smart objects are located near every human on earth

Leading Causes for Data Loss

01: Hard drive failures
140,000 hard drives crash each and every week

02: Computer viruses and malware infections

03: Laptop theft
a laptop is stolen every 53 seconds
04: Accidental damage

At pCloud data security is our top priority

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