With the Coronavirus outbreak changing the way everyone in the world is working and living their daily lives, artists are learning to adapt to a “new normal” since anything connected with arts and public events is currently postponed or even cancelled.

COVID-19 has already rapidly changed the way that everyone—especially artists and creative figuresapproach their audiences and business processes.

In an effort to understand how art careers are changing due to the COVID-19 pandemic, an accomplished artist would love to share his personal experience on how the situation has affected his creative passion and how he planned to alter his approach to arts in general. Below are some introductory quotes we found could be very important:

– “What is important to be said straight away is that there are many commonalities in how artists were responding to the shifting professional landscape around them through the years. Artists are like entrepreneurs and change is something constant for them. One of the most convenient and precise trait artists have is the ability to adapt, regardless if it is to new trends, sounds, styling or even expressive tools.”
– “Obviously, most of my fellow artists have met the frustration from lost sales, delayed releases, and cancelled events. However, a lot of them are planning ways to innovate and move their careers online. Nevertheless, the Internet is open for everyone, but it is not an easy task to deal with.”

In this story, we would like to single out some of the thoughts that were shared with us about the most efficient ways to withstand the struggles that the times of uncertainty have brought, from the perspective of the artist.

Online presence

This might sound as an obvious point, but even before the pandemic, social media has been the defining factor for success and marketing procedures. The only way to stay connected, even during social distancing, is by strengthening your digital presence:

Consistency and accuracy: Making sure that all shared information, bios, links, and contact details are matching;

– Online events: Digital tools such as Skype, Zoom and even Facebook Live allow you to perform to a huge audience while making sure that they are safe;

– Quality content: Online content should be the same, if not better, quality as your live performances! Share some insights or “behind the scenes” projects. Audiences love releases, but seeing the creative process and some “know- how” is actually connecting and more appealing to new audiences, which might need this extra touch of getting to know your personality;

Organize your digital life:

The “new normal” requires stepping out of your comfort zone for a bit, but with a huge incentive at the end! Adding some important skill sets to your creative passion will most likely only have a positive impact on the organization of your overall physical and digital life!

it can be hard to focus your time and attention on organization activities with deadlines, projects, social commitments, and events, screaming that they are “urgent”!

However, once you develop the right approach towards organizing, sorting, and storing all your data properly, the quality of your time management will jump high to the cloud!

Speaking of the cloud, it seems that cloud storage is the necessary friend all artists need during the “new normal”. If digital is the way to go, then one might need to consider some very important points: security and accessibility.

With a lot of work passing digitally and being transferred within for collaborations, one must think about their file security and accessibility.

pCloud, the best alternative to Dropbox covers all those needs for artists and cloud users in general.

Information is the new gold”- exclaimed Tunio Zafer, pCloud CEO.

And honestly, how could we better describe the value of information nowadays, if not by comparing it to something tangible and priceless at the same time? Losing our data could cost us our careers. Imagine working on an album for months and seeing it leaked away!

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It seems that the numbers of happy users have increased for pCloud during the Coronavirus, which should mean the service is good: Testimonials

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In conclusion, it is inspiring to see how the whole World is adapting and definitely moving to a new digital era! Change is the only constant thing in life. We at pCloud welcome it, as we embrace the challenges of your data protection, regardless of your professional field or type of data. One can be definitely unchangeable the privacy and integrity of your most precious files and memories!