Don’t lose your website content! pCloud has you covered

pCloud WordPress Backup makes it super easy to BackUp your blog, simply pick a day and time! With this plugin, you can be assured that if anything were ever to happen – all the content on your blogs would still remain.

We know you’re busy and that’s why we’ve made our WordPress backup plugin so easy to use. Just choose a day, time, and how often you wish your backup to be saved in your pCloud account- it really is that simple!

How to set it up in 5 easy steps? 

1. Download the plugin

2. Install it on your WordPress 

3. Login or create a new account in pCloud

4. Pick a timeframe for the backup

5.Click ”BackUp”

And you are ready to go…


Thousands of WordPress bloggers have lost their data due to corrupted or erased databases. But with pCloud, you can easily and quickly restore everything with just a few clicks. pCloud is the perfect cloud storage solution for backing up your blog files and database backups. Get started today and rest easy knowing that your blog is safe and sound!


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