We are proud to have 16 million people trusting our cloud storage service. We would like to take this opportunity and say thank you for your continuous support.

pCloud is where memories, business ideas, and happy moments are kept safe.

Our commitment is to always provide the best possible experience and we will continue working hard to make sure pCloud is the ultimate choice for your online storage needs.

Since the beginning, people from 192 countries have uploaded more than 35 billion files to pCloud.

Our community is growing every day as more and more people see the value in keeping their digital memories protected. pCloud makes it easy for you to store, share and access your files from any device – so you can keep your life organized and always have what you need right at your fingertips.


We’re just getting started… 

pCloud is making progress every day. With so many things we want to accomplish, the future looks bright. We’re going in a positive direction thanks to your support! You’ve given us some great suggestions on how to make pCloud better and we are already working on some…

Stay tuned! And watch forward to what’s coming out soon…

In the meantime, we are celebrating by giving out 2TB for 90 days for only $9.99.

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