Is your work being held back by your current cloud storage provider? If you’re dealing with surprising price increases, low-grade customer service, or a general disregard for the security and privacy of your data, then it might be time to make the switch to pCloud. pCloud is a secure Dropbox alternative that is better suited to the needs of businesses. With pCloud, you’ll never have to worry about data loss or breaches of security. And thanks to its affordable pricing plans, you can store as much data as you need without breaking the bank. So if you’re ready for a cloud storage solution that works for you, sign up for pCloud today.

pCloud: The affordable cloud storage with stabled and predictable pricing

Dropbox has a bad reputation when it comes to pricing. They have been known to raise prices without warning, and many customers have complained about feeling bait-and-switched. This is not the kind of cloud storage provider you want to entrust your business to. With so many other options available, it just doesn’t make sense to take the risk with Dropbox. There are plenty of other cloud storage providers out there that are more affordable and don’t engage in shady pricing tactics. So why take the chance with Dropbox?


With pCloud, you’ll get fair, customer-friendly pricing that is stabled. You’ll get immediate cost relief compared to Dropbox’s wildly expensive cost per GB. pCloud has plans for individuals, families, and businesses all of which provide fair and predictable pricing. So why not switch to pCloud today and start enjoying the peace of mind that comes with knowing your cloud storage costs won’t be going up anytime soon? You will ask – What makes pCloud Pricing so predictable? The answer will be the Lifetime Plan, you don’t need to worry about a price increase, as you pay once and keep it for a lifetime.

pCloud: Your data’s safety is our top priority

It’s no secret that Dropbox is hostile to customer privacy, and with a history of significant security breaches exposing customer data, it’s clear that Dropbox is not fit to give you the peace of mind you deserve. The problem is that while Dropbox does encrypt your files, they do so in a way that gives them access without you knowing. Furthermore, from time to time, they may even share data with third parties. There are plenty of other cloud storage providers out there that offer better security and encryption for a fraction of the price.

If you’re looking for a cloud storage solution that respects your privacy, pCloud is the answer. We offer military-grade security features and state-of-the-art encryption technologies to keep your data safe. Additionally, our access control policies ensure that only you can access your information. With client-side encryption, your data is encrypted before it even leaves your device. Therefore, you can get the security and peace of mind you deserve without breaking the bank. Choose pCloud and take control of your data today.

With pCloud only you hold the key to your privacy!

The features you love, plus more

pCloud offers a simple and easy-to-use, yet powerful sharing and syncing solution for your files. With all the familiar features you need to get work done on any device – there will be no disruptions in productivity because it’s just so easy! And with its welcoming design that is user friendly to everyone – you’ll feel right at home using pCloud

A cloud storage service designed specifically around military security and collaboration.

What features can you expect?

-Sync folder (any folder)
-Automatic Backup
-Аutomatic 3rd party Backup (Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, Facebook, and Google Photos)
-Access your files from any device
-Mobile app for iPhone and Android
-Virtual Drive for macOS, Linux, and Microsoft
-Web browser access
-Offline access
-Secure file sharing
-Secure shared folder collaboration
-Advanced share permissions
-File requests
-365 Days Extended File History
-Custom branding
-pCloud Encryption (zero-knowledge encryption folder)
-10 GB storage is always free

Always There, when you need us

It’s not just about getting your problem solved. It’s also important that you feel taken care of and respected when needing technical assistance. If you are fine with interacting with Chatbots or waiting 3+ days for a reply, then you are happy with Dropbox.. pCloud wants to give you so much more because we care. With our highly professional customer service, you get dedicated experts available via email 24/7, rapid response and the advantage is that our support team is not just an outsourced company, but it’s in-house and has the knowledge to help you.

pCloud has got everything covered.

Make the switch to pCloud today

Why settle for less when you can have more? pCloud is the perfect cloud storage solution. It has all of your favorite features and extras that Dropbox offers, but we took it to the next level at a much higher better price! Plus migrating files over from Dropbox to pCloud can be done with just one click.

Take your cloud storage to the next level by switching to the finest solution for yourself. Find the ideal plan for you so you may rediscover the joys of cloud storage without the limitations.

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