We’ve all had those moments when we try to attach multiple files in one email and get an error message saying that our attachments exceeded the file size limits. It’s such a hassle, right?

People are looking for ways to securely send large files. That’s why we offer you, and your recipients an easier way of doing so with Pcloud Transfer! And guess what – pCloud Transfers is FREE for both – the sender and the receiver.

With pCloud Transfer, you can send securely many files up to 5GB for FREE. And another great benefit is that neither you nor the recipients need a registration.

How secure is pCloud Transfer? 

pCloud Encrypted Transfer is a highly-secure way to send private files. We’re using state-of-the-art encryption methods, unbreakable by any known means. Our cryptography implementation is based on the Stanford Javascript Crypto Library (SJCL).

If you want to protect your most sensitive files, click “Encrypt your Files” in the top-left corner. You need to enter a password, which is not necessary to be the same every time you send files. After you confirm the password, click “Enable Encryption”.

Have in mind, that the recipients will receive an email with a link to the files, but not the password. You need to find a way to share it via other channels of communication. After using the password you provided, the recipient can download the files.

How to use pCloud Transfer?

To send files via pCloud Transfer, visit https://transfer.pcloud.com/.

Option 1: Send a Direct link
Upload the files you need to send. Enter your e-mail address and you will receive the link within seconds. Optionally, enter a message to the recipients.


Option 2: Send the link to the receiver through e-mail

Enter your friends’ or coworkers’ emails, as well as your email address. Upload the files you intend to send (or drag and drop them into the box). Optionally, enter a message to the recipients.


Your friends or colleagues will receive an email notification for the transfer you are performing. The email will also contain information about the sender, a list of the files sent, and the expiry date. When the recipient starts downloading the files, you will also receive an email notification.

Option 3: Send a direct link with pCloud Account

Log into your pCloud account. Upload the files you want to send and you will receive a direct link in the web browser.


Voila! You’ve shared your ideas for less than a minute.

Files sent through pCloud Transfer are available for 7 days. But don’t worry! Both you and your recipient will receive a reminder email notification before the expiration date.

We built pCloud Transfer because you deserve software that makes transferring your files feel like magic. And because it should be absurdly easy to do.

Remember, with pCloud Transfer, you can send files up to 5GB for FREE, but you can always register for a pCloud free . Then you will get unlimited file size transfer to more users, no speed or file size limits, and many other useful FEATURES.