There are things you need to know about making a visually pleasing personalized Download link. If your’re new to custom branding, or you’re looking for inspiration on how to showcase your best work, continue reading!

There’s a misconceptions about what a brand actually is and what it stands for. A lot of people believe that a brand is simply a synonym for “company logo”, and while that’s not entirely wrong, it’s not enough to define a brand.

Branding is the way your audience perceives you – from the colors you use to your tone of voice and visuals. If all of these aspects connect, your brand becomes more memorable and you spend less on promotions in the long run.

One of the basic rules of branding is consistency. When your content is presented in a good way, overall, you are more likely to receive a better reaction from your audience, and have them come back to you. Especially if you’re starting a business, your visual voice is key. Think of the way you structure your Branded link, as the way you show your personality:

#1 What are you sharing, exactly?

There are 4 elements to a Branded Download link:

  • Cover
  • Title image
  • Headline
  • Description

You don’t need to use all of them, in order to create a stunning branded Download link. It depends on what type of content you’re sharing.

For example, if you’d like to send your online portfolio to potential clients, you can use all elements to build your professional profile. You have 150 characters in the description box to tell a bit more about yourself and leave contact details. The cover is also a great way to showcase a featured image.

On the other hand, if you’re a wedding agency or a photographer, you can use personalized Download links and create stunning wedding albums for your clients.


#2 Who is your audience?

Whether you’re sharing files with a lot of people, or with just a few can influence your branding approach. The cover is a great way to present more about the content you’re sharing and what your audience can expect when they open the link.


#3 The art of colors. How does it work?

Color can make or break a brand. Do you use common colors for all of your images? Try to build a palette that works around that. Find a photo that represents the tone and essence of your brand and sample directly from it to create a quick and easy palette. You can also use a color background for your cover. pCloud offers a number of preselected solid and gradient background colors that are easy to apply and give a lasting impression.


A good brand is memorable and above all – effectively communicates with your audience. While there’s no single formula to building a solid brand, being consistent is a sure step for success.

It takes less than a minute to personalize a Download link to fit any occasion.