How many times a day do you find yourself sending files to someone? Whether it’s the pictures you took with friends last weekend  or that important financial report you need to give by the end of the day, sharing data is in our blood. With cloud technology at its finest, have you tried this trick?

Download links are perfect if you want to share files of any size, fast and easy! They are also painless to use.

So what are Download links, anyway?

The answer is simple! They are secure links that you can generate to your files in pCloud. When you share it with your friends or colleagues, they will receive download access to the data you chose.

And why should I care? Email attachments work just fine.

While attaching an archive to your email is common practice, it still has many limitations. Bulky files are out of the question, upload speed is extremely low and once you have hit sent, it’s impossible to make last minute changes.
Download links take care of all these issues. They don’t impose limits on the speed and size of your files. What’s more, a download link syncs any file modifications. You can generate a download link, send it to your recipient and edit your file with pCloud Drive meanwhile. Your recipient will always get the latest version. Convenient, huh?

And how can I create a Download link, exactly?

It’s really no rocket science. Actually, it involves 2 simple steps:

  • Mark the file you want to send
  • Click the “Share” button that will appear next to i

Your Download link will be generated! You can use such links to multiple files and folders. What’s more, you can also receive some insights on how traffic and downloads. Just click the “More info” message in the bottom corner of details window.

Ready to try it for yourself? Join pCloud and start sharing!