Did you know that, currently, there are about 2 billion smartphone users worldwide? And you can imagine next how many of them use their mobile devices to work on files. We’ve entered the era of mobile technology. To support that, we’ve made it possible to get maximum protection for your data with our latest release – pCloud Crypto for Mobile!

That’s right, pClouders! Now you can take advantage of the same zero-knowledge security you get with pCloud Drive – on a mobile device. This new addition to pCloud’s Android and iOS apps uses an already familiar method – client-side encryption to secure your data. Thanks to the Crypto Pass you enter as part of the process both your files and privacy stay to yourself.
You can find your Crypto folder in the left menu of your pCloud app, right below the file filters. This section is extremely easy to use – upload any sensitive file you want to protect and lock it with your personal Crypto Pass.

“With what seems like a new data breach occurring every week, the topic of cybersecurity has never been more important. When storing sensitive items in the cloud, users must do so cautiously. pCloud Crypto for both Drive and Mobile guarantee the highest level of security in the cloud storage space.” – Tunio Zafer, pCloud CEO

So are you ready to secure your files? Try pCloud Crypto now!