With the latest news around Wuala closing down as a cloud storage service, we would like to give you 3 reasons why pCloud is a good alternative for your files.

Top-grade security measures

File protection is important! That is why we offer an additional layer of protection for your most sensitive data. pCloud Crypto uses client-side encryption as a measure to secure files on your desktop and now – mobile device. With an activated Crypto Folder:


pCloud has a simple interface that is suitable even for inexperienced users. It is accessible from desktop (Windows, Mac OS, Linux), mobile (Android, iOS) and web. The service supports 11 top used languages for maximum convenience. Transferring files to pCloud is also really simple with pCloud Drive. This advanced desktop application acts as a virtual drive which enables you to fully work on your files in the cloud. All this without any space from your PC taken.


pCloud offers a wide variety of features for every need. You can:

Ready to store your files in a safe place? You can take full advantage of pCloud’s capabilities at https://www.pcloud.com/