Keeping yourself busy doesn’t always mean kicking your productivity level up as well. If you’re running your own business or are trying to beat project deadlines, you will love what we’ve prepared for you in the following paragraphs. Find out how professionals take advantage of pCloud’s features to get things done the smart way!

Smart people make teamwork effortless!

In a lot of cases, your team won’t be in one place, at the same time. That is why, as a project lead, you will need to find a common workspace to get things rolling, without exceptions. Create a team folder and invite the people you’re closely working with. By doing so, your collegues and you will have regulated access to the latest information from any device and be notified of every change in an instant.

Smart people know where to collaborate for better results!

Editing on your favorite apps, while working together with your team might seem absurd, at first. With pCloud Drive, though, you will be able to quickly make progress to all your work files, with your favorite programs without using physical space from your PC. Getting the comfort of the software you know best, while instantly sharing all the changes with your colleagues is bound to boost your results.


[Tweet “Smart people don’t compromise on security!”]

Let’s face it, when you’re working with sensitive files, cutting-edge security features are a must. pCloud Crypto can get you the data protection you need with its client-side encryption method. Our zero-knowledge privacy policy guarantees that your files remain 100% confidential and only readable by you.

Allow pCloud to help you with the successful start of your next project! Save yourself time and beat any deadline that comes to you with our additional features and pCloud Business!