In the not so good old days, when you wanted to share files in a convenient way, email attachments would be your first choice. Yet, that would also mean compromising on the number of docs you send and the level of security you get. Getting the data protection you deserve shouldn’t be a bargain now, should it? Thankfully, technology has moved forward! Now we have a better, more secure solution that doesn’t compromise on usability and file protection!

pCloud Encrypted Transfer is a highly-secure free tool that can help you share large, sensitive files with your friends and colleagues. And the best part is that you can send up to 5GB of data without registering for anything with maximum protection. It works in a very simple way:

Your friend will receive an email containing a download link to your files. When he or she receives your files, they will be asked to provide the password you used for the encryption process. For safety purposes, it is always better to relay it to your recipient over the phone or in person, or via other means you consider safe.

pCloud Encrypted Transfer is ideal when you’re sending highly sensitive files such as medical documents, financial statements and similar items.

This tool is so secure because it uses a method you are already familiar with – pCloud Crypto’s client-side encryption. With this, your files will be encrypted on your device, before you send anything to anyone. Furthermore, the password you include is 100% only available to you, thanks to our zero-knowledge privacy policy.

You can use pCloud Transfer to relay private messages along with your files, all at maximum security!

Though sending an email may come as second nature, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be careful when doing so, especially when sending private information. Before you click the Send button on a sensitive email, consider using pCloud Encrypted Transfer instead!