If you actively visit our blog and social channels, you have most likely become a pCloud expert by now. By carefully collecting and listening to your feedback from our recent customer survey, this week we’re sharing pClouders’ answer to the question: “What is pCloud?”

pCloud is easy to use! It is a secure place where you can store and use all your files 24/7. With pCloud on your PC, smartphone or with my.pcloud.com, you can take your data with you, everywhere you go.

pCloud is fast! Uploads and downloads happen in an instant and all is synced between your devices. It’s also great for storing photos!

pCloud is convenient and innovative! You can edit your documents, important presentations and more on your favorite apps, all while in the cloud. If you’re having a problem, the pCloud support team is there to help.

pCloud is perfect for sharing with a friend! Collaboration is effortless with the variety of sharing options you get. You can send, receive and work with others from one place.

pCloud is secure! You have the benefit of client-side encryption, which secures your files on your PC – before transfering them anywhere else. With a zero-knowledge privacy policy, you’re sure that no one, other than you, knows your data.

pCloud is perfect for both your personal and corporate needs. Try it for desktop, mobile and web!