The better part of one’s life consists of his friendships. It’s never too late to show your close ones how much they mean to you. In the spirit of Friendship day, here are a few tricks how to pleasantly surprise your friends.

Share your favorite moments the easy way

Having numerous photos with your friends is only natural. Choose the shots you like the most and save them in a separate folder in your pCloud account. With the service’s photo viewing option you will also be able to create awesome slideshows to play at a home gathering. Pick the right time, make the right preparations and don’t hesitate to try!

Record a thank you video directly in the cloud

Taking the time to express your appreciation in a short video can do wonders with your friendship. Here’s how you can do that in the cloud:

Okay, so the tough part is over! Sending your message is effortless with pCloud’s variety of sharing options. Select the video you just took and choose “Share” from the option bar of your pCloud app. You can show your appreciation through various social media channels or by email. Your friends will be left speechless.

Make a special playlist with your favorite songs

Gather all of your friends’ favorite tunes and organize them in a pCloud playlist. You won’t be needing any third party application to play whichever beat comes your way as the app offers and embedded audio player. Use pCloud’s unique “Download link” option to share your creation with your closest ones as a way to wish them a great day!

Your friends are important! Use pCloud’s variety of features to show them how important they are in your live.