Going back to school after a long summer break is anything but easy. The beginning of a new academic year calls for new supplies, wardrobe and the right attitude to go with classes and classmates. Here’s a solution for all of that: try adopting new technology! This week we’ve prepared some helpful pCloud hacks for the successful start of your new year.

pCloud is perfect for individual work in the classroom!

By using pCloud Drive you can easily house essays, assignments and lecture notes all in one place without worrying about losing your work. If coffee spills on your keyboard during a late night of studying or your laptop gets stolen in the library, you can always retrieve that information from web, mobile and desktop.

Group projects can be done the right way!

No matter the situation, group projects are always stressful. One student always takes on too much responsibility, and another – always too little, if any at all. Luckily, pCloud has great collaborating options. Using your pCloud account, you can edit shared files at the same time and keep track of your progress with instant change notifications. You will even be able to access old versions in case something goes wrong!

Save sensitive files in a reliable place!

Even during the school year, there’s also life outside the classroom! pCloud is a reliable place to store job applications or even student loan documents for college students and more. Because this information has a more sensitive nature than classwork or group projects, you can ensure its protection pCloud’s unique encryption feature. By activating your Crypto folder and inserting a strong Crypto pass, you can be rest assured that no one is going to access or use your data.
pCloud’s platform is the perfect way to make the back-to-school transition less stressful. By using the cloud for school work, group projects and personal files, you can head back to the classroom feeling organized and prepared for the new year. Don’t forget to add a cloud storage to your school supplies list!