Since the beginning, we’ve been working hard to build a safe and reliable place, where you can store and access your files. Today, we’re taking this even further!

Great news, pClouders – pCloud is expanding its partnership network with a $3 million funding! This is a big step for the team, driven by our aspirations to make pCloud accessible to even more people worldwide.

“We have a solid client base in Europe and Asia, and we’re eager to expand to new markets.” – Tunio Zafer, pCloud CEO

With more than 2 million users and tech insiders like CNET trusting our service, we feel strong about raising awareness. The investment will help us make our core services – pCloud Business and pCloud Crypto more available to users, searching for security and usability in one place.

Both pCloud Crypto and pCloud Business have been tailored to provide military-grade security and an easy-to-use interface. What’s more you will be able to secure sensitive data from your iOS and Android device!